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The Teneo Way

The Teneo Way is a unique advisory methodology that guides how we provide strategic counsel to our clients - one with a fully integrated and versatile cross-disciplinary approach. Our senior-led and highly-specialized team provides around-the-clock counsel that clients trust to inform their most important decisions. Teneo views all risks and opportunities through the eyes of the CEO, while also advising and executing across all levels of an organization.

The Teneo Way in Action

Global Relationships: We build long-term, trusted relationships with our clients.

Integrated Execution: We can bring together diverse experience and expertise to solve any client challenge.

Unparalleled Experience: We strive to learn and become experts in all we do for clients every day.

Intellectual Curiosity: We maintain a thirst for knowledge, broad thinking and search for new ideas.

Relentless Focus on Client Needs: All this is underpinned by a relentless focus on anticipating our client needs and delivering exceptional results.

Teneo Team Members: What We Look For

We hold our team to the highest service and ethical standards. We are constantly looking for those with independent thinking and problem-solving abilities to tackle the leadership challenges of today and tomorrow.

Our Culture

The Teneo team is made up of individuals with a unique variety of global relationships, unequaled experience, intellectual strength and unyielding execution. Our commitment to our clients requires that we accept only the very best work from our people.

We recognize the value that diversity brings to our business, both internally and to our clients. We strive to achieve a culture of inclusion and opportunity that harnesses the professional and personal diversity of our colleagues, and allows everyone to prosper.

For more information on region-specific opportunities, please reach out to the following:

Asia: For all opportunities in our Asia-based offices, contact [need contact info].

Dublin: For Teneo PSG opportunities, contact [need contact info].

London: For Teneo Blue Rubicon opportunities, contact talent@teneobluerubicon.com and for
Teneo Consulting opportunities in London, contact recruitment@teneoconsult.com

Middle East: For Teneo Strategy opportunities in the Middle East, contact [need contact info] and for Teneo Consulting opportunities in the Middle East, contact recruitment@teneoconsult.com

North America: For all opportunities in the U.S. and Canada, contact careers@teneoholdings.com

We recruit only the smartest people who thrive when entrusted with a high level of responsibility. There are continuous opportunities for significant client contact and to work directly with Teneo Consulting's senior team. You will make a clear impact and start building your career from day one.

To learn more email recruitment@teneoconsult.com or visit: http://teneo-site-staging.herokuapp.com/divisions/teneo_consulting

Teneo Blue Rubicon provides strategic consultancy to protect and grow the reputations of companies and brands, securing their commercial success. At Teneo Blue Rubicon, you’ll join a talented team drawn from FTSE 100 and Fortune 500 companies, leading consulting firms, politics, government, media and charities.

To learn more email talent@teneobluerubicon.com or visit: http://www.teneobluerubicon.com/careers