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The CFA Institute and Investor Responsibility Research Center Institute reported that today, 64% of CFAs take corporate governance issues into account.

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The New Governance Paradigm

Today’s boards are faced with more scrutiny than ever before. A higher set of expectations from all stakeholders has created a new paradigm for boards to assess and manage on an ongoing basis. It is critical that boards respond to this new environment in a comprehensive and proactive manner that resonates with these new demands and challenges.

Successful boards will: (i) be proactive and strategic by assessing vulnerabilities before threats happen and build assessments and reviews into the wider strategic business planning process; (ii) understand and communicate by evaluating the landscape of investors’ perspectives, activist targeting, and regulators’ demands, and by using communication tools to their fullest effect; and (iii) engage and disclose by undertaking a multi-year investor engagement plan with clear metrics and goals.

Teneo Governance is able to help CEOs and boards navigate this new environment. Our team understands the companies’ perspectives, the boards’ needs, and investors’ viewpoints and policies. We can work together to bridge the gap.

Along with our in-house data analytics tool, which can identify a company’s potential areas of vulnerability, we can assist in creating an engagement strategy that gets beyond the “plain vanilla” roadshows of engagement, to target the issues that will resonate with investors. Our long-term, senior-led strategic support extends across the spectrum of governance issues, including:

• Governance Benchmarking and Best Practices Analysis
• Shareholder Activism Defense
• Shareholder Engagement Support
• Proxy Statement Disclosures
• Board Evaluations
• Board Placement
• Compliance Plan Creation
• Cyber Risk and Disclosures
• Executive Compensation Review and Analysis
• Investor and Proxy Advisor Perspective
• Proxy Advisor Outreach
• New Listing Requirements
• Regulatory Landscape Analysis

Teneo helps its clients to proactively address governance and board challenges, which creates: better communication; stronger relationships with key shareholders; an empowered management team; an investor-savvy board; and a stronger, more successful business model, backed by the confidence of its shareholders.

Basil Towers

Director, Blue Rubicon

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