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The economic impact of cyberattacks is expected to cost the global economy $2.1 trillion by 2019.

Today's business leaders contend with increasingly sophisticated activities of cyber-criminals, terrorist groups, and other malign actors seeking to degrade, destroy, or dispossess businesses, investments and critical infrastructure. In fact, 2017 is the first year the World Economic Forum has listed a large-scale terrorist attack on its top five global risks in terms of likelihood for the year.

Teneo Risk is a strategic threat advisory firm that offers CEOs a holistic approach to identify, manage and mitigate operational risks to their businesses.

The Teneo Risk team, led by former New York City Police Commissioner William Bratton, is comprised of a world-class team of practitioners, investigators, analysts, technical advisors and strategic partners with a broad array of operational and advisory backgrounds from the world’s most respected corporate, military, intelligence, technology, public health and public-safety organizations. Our team members' vast experience and backgrounds render them uniquely equipped to address myriad internal and external threats CEOs and their companies must navigate daily.

Cyber Risk Management

We work with clients from early threat identification and assessment, to development and implementation of bespoke defense measures and robust response tactics, in order to minimize operational and financial impacts. Our team works with C-suite executives to stress-test existing defenses, implement new strategies, minimize damage and pursue the attackers in the event of an incident.

Counter-terrorism Planning

Terrorist attacks are unpredictable and are meant to disrupt business, incite fear, and increasingly, to kill and injure. Teneo Risk works seamlessly across the public and private sectors to help assess a company’s vulnerabilities and readiness, and develop strategies that mitigate and reduce risk to their most valuable assets.

Critical Infrastructure

Working with CEOs and their leadership, our team of intelligence community, security and law enforcement veterans combines best practices and innovative approaches to ensure vulnerabilities are identified early; risk analysis, monitoring and response capabilities are effective; and holistic operational security planning is firmly embedded into the business model to protect a company’s most valuable assets – whether human or physical – against natural and man-made disasters and threats.

Health Crisis Advisory

Pandemics, biological threats, chemical threats and the ease of spread of some diseases present unprecedented threats to life and business. Teneo Risk works with some of the world’s leading military and public health experts to help our clients better understand the threats. We work to put in place plans before an incident occurs to hasten response to help mitigate the potentially devastating effect on their business, employees and customers.