John Judge

John Judge

Chief Client Strategist, Teneo Holdings

John Judge is the Chief Client Strategist for Teneo Holdings. Mr. Judge works with Teneo’s large-cap clients to provide unbiased, highly-informed financial advice, from the perspective of a long-term investor, with a view towards maximizing shareholder returns, by optimizing the way companies allocate, generate, and preserve capital. His group performs a bottom-up valuation of each separate segment of a business to see if the fair value of each is reflected in the share price. If not, they evaluate capital structure alternatives and their respective impact on the company’s shares and risk profile.

Prior to joining Teneo, Mr. Judge was Head of Fundamental Credit Risk at Quadrant Structured Investment Advisers, Inc., a majority-owned investment management subsidiary of Magnetar Capital. At Quadrant, he and his team were responsible for investment selection based on their own deep-dive financial analysis of hundreds of mid- to large-size corporations across a wide swath of industries.

Prior to Quadrant, Mr. Judge spent six years at Citigroup, primarily as Senior Credit Officer, managing the bank’s North American credit exposure to the technology, media, telecommunications and gaming industries. He and his team were responsible for overseeing, from a risk perspective, the structuring, negotiation and documentation of new transactions and for ongoing maintenance and monitoring of the portfolio, including: credit analysis, deal restructuring and active risk mitigation. Also while at Citigroup, Mr. Judge was a senior banker in Global Loans Capital Markets with responsibility for structuring, negotiating and syndicating debt to large corporate clients in the consumer, retail, shipping and chemicals industries.

Mr. Judge first joined Citigroup through Salomon-Smith Barney, where he was brought in to manage and restructure the firm’s distressed debt exposure resulting from the dot-com bubble.

Before joining Citigroup, Mr. Judge was a Senior Banker at Credit Lyonnais, responsible for marketing financing alternatives and investment banking products to media and telecom clients and prior to that, managed a portfolio of debt to highly leveraged borrowers for the Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi.