Philip Gawith

Philip Gawith

Managing Partner

Phillip Gawith is a Managing Partner with Teneo Strategy, based in London.

Mr. Gawith co-founded StockWell in 2010, which was then acquired by Teneo in 2015. Before founding StockWell, he held the position of Chief Executive of Maitland, the UK communications firm, where he worked for 12 years. During this time, he built a reputation for offering strategic advice to leading companies such as 3i, BAA, Cadbury, CD&R, HSBC, Tesco and UKFI.

Mr. Gawith also worked on a number of significant and complex cross-border M&A transactions including: Mannesmann/Vodafone, NatWest/RBS, Santander/Abbey, Mittal Steel/Arcelor, Chinalco/Rio Tinto and Xstrata/Glencore.

Mr. Gawith worked previously at The Financial Times for eight years, including as a correspondent in South Africa and a financial commentator on the Lex column.