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Less than 20% of senior executives said their companies deserved an “A” for ability to protect against and respond to reputation risks.


Counsel Before, During and After a Crisis

Almost every company will experience a significant crisis at some point, leading to hostile public discourse resulting in the negative perception of a company, its business units, and/or its leadership team.

Understanding the depth and breadth of potential risks ahead of time, being prepared to respond, and acting quickly to rebuild confidence after a crisis are crucial to a successful response. Teneo works with clients throughout this spectrum of activity to ensure optimal preparedness and a rapid response function that protects the company’s long-term strength and viability.

Teneo emphasizes material forensic crisis preparedness. We work closely with clients to perform comprehensive assessments of the full breadth of the organization’s internal and external risks. Once these vulnerabilities are mapped, we provide a thorough set of recommendations that are not only focused on how to respond, but also how to reduce the potential of a crisis emerging.

Our advisors offer crisis preparation support in a wide array of areas, including: scenario planning; preparation and training for executives in advance of public appearances; analysis of issues facing business partners; development of specific communications strategies around key situations; and live crisis simulation training in which we create realistic scenarios that replicate the stresses and pressures of a real communications crisis.

In a crisis, Teneo supports clients by bringing to bear the experience of our senior experts that have worked on some of the most significant and highest-profile corporate crises in history. The goal is always the same: to mitigate risk, sustain trust and credibility, and protect reputations and the long-term license to operate.

Our dedicated team creates a bespoke action plan based on a strategy centered around the following key elements: identification of key stakeholders and development of an engagement strategy; intelligence related to the environmental factors impacting the issue, strategy and content creation for response activity; and media and investor relations advisory, based on the assessed need for both ongoing strategic advice and real-time management.

In order to successfully repair and enhance a company’s reputation, the development of an integrated strategy that moves beyond day-to-day issues management and focuses on building a campaign to actively promote the company with key influencers, including media, is paramount.

Teneo employs research, analytics, insight and experience to understand the net impact a crisis has had on reputation. We then pinpoint flashpoints for continuing stakeholder and shareholder criticism and build reputation recovery strategies focused on organizational, operational and communications change. Teneo’s long-term approach is to effectively rebuild trust in its client and ensure its client is protected.

Lord Hague of Richmond

Senior Advisor, Teneo

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