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CEOs tasked with corporate turnaround have only four quarters to demonstrate a viable plan that is convincing to both a company’s board and shareholders.

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Rebuilding and Transforming Businesses

Teneo works with clients to rebuild and rebrand corporate reputations and transform business operations. Whether following a crisis event, emergence from Chapter 11 bankruptcy, a distressed M&A transaction, the aftermath of litigation, an unplanned change in company leadership or other situation, Teneo assists its clients in supporting the rebuilding and growth of the company to protect and enhance its operations and its reputation.

John McCready


Why CEOs Make Bad (and Great) Decisions
Or, give the guy a break, you ain’t no .400 hitter yourself.
Pity the poor CEO. He (yup still overwhelmingly a he, albeit a tad less than ten years ago) works like a dog...

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