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Companies in 2015 with revenues of US$1 billion or more that had one or more regulatory proceedings pending against them.


Preserving Reputations and the Right to Conduct Business

A well-managed response to complex litigation and/or enforcement actions can have significant impact on a company’s reputation, business interests and operations far into the future and well beyond the short-term timeline of the matter as it unfolds.

Teneo has an unmatched depth of experience supporting clients through the highest-profile litigation and enforcement actions in the world. This begins with pre-event preparedness and data-driven analysis, and lasts through the ongoing issue management, resolution of the matter, and rebuilding post-resolution. Teneo possesses a multitude of capabilities that not only solve stakeholder communications needs, but help preserve clients’ license to operate and resolve the complex problems at the root of the issue.

During active litigation or trial, a company’s communications need to balance a number of key considerations – specifically, the need to preserve and protect the company’s broader reputation while supporting the legal strategy.
Teneo’s experts work closely with leadership teams and external legal counsel to aggressively manage and defend during periods of sensitive litigation. Our expertise informs a process through which the client will have a more complete understanding of how to manage the matter on an ongoing basis, as well as the implications for the company and its stakeholders based upon how the matter unfolds.

Investigation processes, both internal and external, are a fundamental reality in a global environment where information is more accessible than at any time in history. Teneo works alongside each client to manage through these external and internal inquiries to support transparency and credibility that will protect reputation in the long term.
Teneo works closely with internal investigators to identify key risks associated with the issues at hand. This allows the client to prepare for a broad spectrum of potential outcomes and ensure that communications are consistent and accurate throughout the investigation. Additionally, our team of experts can utilize the findings of the investigation to make comprehensive recommendations regarding suggested reforms or organizational restructurings the client can make to demonstrate that is has emerged from the investigation stronger than before.

Teneo works closely with clients and their legal counsel to ensure that a resolution of litigation is positioned appropriately in the context of significant scrutiny and in light of the terms of the agreement. Doing so ensures that the company can build on the announcement to successfully operate its business in a successful and trustworthy manner in the future.

Lord Hague of Richmond

Senior Advisor, Teneo

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