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Political instability has adverse influence on economic development at a global level, reducing annual GDP growth, as well as physical and human capital accumulation.

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Proactive Approach to Public Affairs

In today’s interconnected global community, it is critically important to proactively manage those policy issues that have the greatest potential impact on an organization’s objectives. From grassroots activism, to the threat of harsh regulation, to persistent online detractors to political unrest, businesses must contend with a more diverse and dynamic set of challenges than ever before.

Teneo’s integrated approach to public affairs management is designed and led by campaign veterans with deep experience navigating the most complex issues and high-profile conflicts in the most difficult environments. We partner as trusted advisors to the leaders of the world’s largest organizations to anticipate and mitigate reputational risk through strategic stakeholder engagement and proactive, vigilant issues management.

Public affairs management must be viewed with a 360-degree lens; companies must evaluate not only what implications certain issues will have on their own business, but must also consider what they mean for organizations with whom they may have relationships.

Teneo’s experts work with clients to develop strategies for responding to policy issues that are currently developing or will take place in the future. Our team will evaluate the implications of particular policy issues for a company and its clients, allowing us to assist clients in making informed decisions regarding what strategy should be deployed, and executing that strategy in the most effective manner.

Real-time analysis on industry dialogue and relevant policy debate, and acting to illuminate the conversation about what changes should be implemented, is an important proactive strategy that companies, especially those with increased exposure to various regulatory debate and policy changes, need to employ in order to productively manage public perceptions.

Teneo can help organizations to develop a robust communications program that supports the creation and deployment of the right message to key stakeholders. More specifically, we can assist with the preparation of materials for use in all written and verbal communications for both proactive and reactive response. These materials will ideally help to position companies and senior management as thought leaders in their industries, and in reactive situations, will serve to anticipate potential questions and can be used by the company to ensure that media, investors and all other interested parties are addressed with accurate and timely responses.

The fostering of relationships with stakeholders such as policymakers, issue stakeholders, coalitions, leaders and key media is a crucial component of a successful public affairs management strategy.

In the U.S., Teneo’s advisors use their deep relationships to provide strategic counsel and help clients navigate policy debates in Washington and state capitals as they look to find support, amplification and clarity around the issues that they care about. Our international team has deep government affairs experience and capabilities around the globe in multiple key markets, including London, Brussels and Beijing.