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Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation is a malleable concept to many. To Teneo Consulting it means leveraging digital assets – be that software or technology – to deliver concrete commercial benefit.

Teneo Consulting is not an IT consultancy. We do not have our own software, nor do we have partnerships or alliances with software vendors. We are motivated purely to help businesses embrace software and technology to drive top and bottom-line growth and enhance their strategic position.

We support our clients in 3 main ways:

  • Developing new digitally-driven business models, harnessing technology to trade differently

  • Transforming the customer experience using technology

  • Driving operational improvement by better using technology

Many of our clients are not IT or software businesses – simply businesses that operate in the modern world. Such businesses recognize the changes which digitization is having on the expectations of their customers and the potential disruption it can cause to the ways they provide goods and services. In these cases our clients recognize that ‘digital muscles’ are now essential to their success. Our approach combines a thorough understanding of their businesses and the market they serve with an in-depth knowledge of digital development and technologies to develop strategies that can harness digital opportunities for clear commercial gain.