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Political instability has been found to adversely influence the economic development of affected areas on a global scale, reducing annual GDP growth as well as physical and human capital accumulation.

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Navigating the Complexity of Government Affairs

In a globalized world, CEOs must take into account the direct effect that regulatory, legislative and judicial decisions will play on the success and often the very survival of their businesses. In the realm of government affairs, timely access to the right information, and nuanced and informed analysis and knowledge of the relevant decision-makers and their processes, are crucial for CEOs to make high-level decisions, mitigate reputational and operational risks, and identify opportunities for growth.

Teneo’s global government affairs offering is a key part of our wider advisory business. We provide strategic counsel to the leaders of large and complex businesses on navigating today's volatile geopolitical landscape. Our team offers a full range of public policy services, including: government relations, strategic communications and positioning, stakeholder identification and engagement, issues management, coalition support, organizational assessments, risk analysis and more.