Teneo News: Teneo Acquires Co XYZ

Launching a new company, or even a new division or product, is a highly complicated process, fraught with a number of seen and unseen challenges. The combination of the proper team and the right plan can serve as a powerful catalyst for the launch of a business, and the strategy around initial implementation of operations can be a determinant of future success.

Teneo Consulting’s experts focus on assessing, standing up, and running new businesses. From initial evaluation of the market opportunity through to leading ongoing operations, our team advises CEOs throughout the process of creating net new value and opportunity.

Launching a new business requires the creation of an initial baseline analysis which incorporates both quantitative and qualitative aspects that measure capabilities in relation to both a new business’s competitive landscape and internal goals, as well as objectives and perceptions. Once an assessment has been performed, leadership must define the business strategy and vision, taking into account market differentiation and relevance.

Teneo’s advisors can help a new business to conduct an opportunity evaluation and create a comprehensive strategy based off of the findings of that evaluation. Our team can assist with: market sizing and assessment; competitor analysis; market and customer segmentation; business case review; business strategy development; pricing model creation; sourcing and partnership strategy development; offering and product design; and legal entity structuring.

Constructing the right framework from which to execute a new model or business plan, and ensuring that executive ownership are completely on board with the future vision for the organization, is paramount to the success of any new business.

Working with key stakeholders and leadership, Teneo will incorporate its findings and recommendations into a jointly-owned and managed, fit-for-purpose plan of action to be driven for the top of the house. Our team has the capability to assist clients with designing a target operating model, developing go-to-market strategies, and crafting corporate narratives. 

Ensuring that a new business holds to its strategic objectives and flourishes in the long-term requires not only careful and thorough plan execution, but also a post-launch shift in perspective, towards organizational design, long-term strategy, and a restless attitude towards continued additive value creation.

Teneo’s experts will work with companies to set an organization’s defined plan into motion by helping to mobilize teams, secure key talent and ultimately, to successfully launch the new business. We are also able to continue to help with the monitoring of new business operations, assisting with the management of the ongoing operations and execution of the long-term business strategy.